Dynaplast continues to pursue Corporate Social Responsibility programs in education and community building for children. We elected to focus on Rumah Belajar Anak Langit, a community formed by volunteers for street children in Tangerang. Over 70 children are involved in the community, where the volunteers teach them skills and impart knowledge, andpractice martial arts and music with them. These children work for a livingplaying music, selling handicrafts, and performing other activities. The community is located in Tanah Gocap, Sungai Cisadane, Tangerang.

Dynaplast supports to Rumah Belajar Anak Langit through the following:

1. Providing building materials for the construction of a two-story building. The first floor of this building will provide space to make and sell handicrafts, while the second floor will house the library, along with separate rooms for girls and boys.
2. Stationary and book contributions on a range of topics to the Rumah Belajar Anak Langit library
3. Educational support consisting of a bag, books and stationary for each child
4. Conducted a field trip for the children to the Taman Safari Park to see and learn about animals, their habitat and wildlife. More than 60 joined the field trip for the learning experience.

Besides the Anak Langit, Dynaplast also coordinated blood donation drives in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross. For the most part, participants consists of employees and suppliers, but are also open to local residents.